Re: corrupt or damage table.

- NEVER use Browse. It accesses the tables directly and is definately a cause of corruption that I've seen
- ALWAYS use buffering. Never directly edit the table, but use a view, cursor, or memvars, then update the actual table
- Make sure users never just shutdown their PC before exiting the application
- Check for power interruptions. Servers often have backup power, workstations sometimes, but how about routers, switches, hubs, etc
- Verify network cabling is good and solid


Craig Berntson
Microsoft MVP

"Patrick Tura" <patrick@xxxxxx> wrote in message news:8477D389-5B61-4C0F-97DE-8AE9C93F5F78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have experience corruption of a dbf file? Im just puzzled that some table have a tendency to become corrupted frequently particulary those are access regularly some that are seldom access are ok.

However, everytime, I experience corruption, I can repair it but I want to understand what could be the possible reason why such situation can happen?

Do you think it has to do with many users accessing the same table at the same time?

or do you think it has to do with hardware?

Today, most often linking different tables is quite common method to get a certain data but that is normal? But it the table should get damaged?

I have three table that are regularly use, biodata.dbf, book.dbf and contracts.dbf. Biodata contains the name of our clients and book contains the detail transactions while contracts.dbf is containing the detail of the contracts and the three are link with client_id among the common field.

but so far, I observed that contracts.dbf most often got corrupted. when it is corrupted the encoder cannot add new record. This is frequent happening.

Any idea?