Re: alias changed

From: Rick Bean (
Date: 11/23/04

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:29:32 -0500

You've obviously modified you code to simply it for posting. Unfortunately you may have eliminated the problem, because other than the fact that ALIAS() like you've written it won't (can't) return anything, there isn't anything that would produce these results.

Can you post your actual code? Are you using service pack 5 with VFP 6.0? Is there any ON ERROR in effect? Is this code in a .PRG file, or is it in a form's method (or class)?


"Wilson Thomas" <> wrote in message news:41a273e3$0$17544$
> Dear friends,
> I am using VFP 6. When I issue command "SET DATE TO ymd" selected alias
> changed.
> Eg:
> USE records
> USE employee
> SELECT employee
> ALIAS() && returns "Employee"
> ALIAS() && returns "records"
> Any way to solve this?
> Wilson