Re: Compiler doesn't seem to work properly at all times

From: Dan Freeman (
Date: 11/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 08:54:54 -0800

Well, let's boil down the symptoms: something is preventing your changes
from being written to disk, and it's a problem that is not often reported.

What can prevent disk writes? Anti-virus software actually has that as part
of its job. <g> Likewise disk caches (turn off write-ahead cacheing -- it's
on by default).

What else is unique about your environment that's giving your this unique


Anynomous wrote:
> This sounds like a good guess, but wouldn't everyone have this
> problem if it were the antivirus software? It was on someone else's
> machine when I first discovered that my changes were not being saved
> properly and it wasn't even the same application that I normally work
> with. My antivirus software doesn't allow me to choose what file
> extensions to ignore.
> "Dan Freeman" <> wrote in message
> news:u5X03ScwEHA.2600@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...
>> I've never experienced that.
>> Do you have VFP file extensions excluded from your anti-virus
>> program?
>> Dan
>> Anonymous wrote:
>>> In version Visual FoxPro 7.0, the compiler doesn't always seem to be
>>> doing it's job. I've noticed this also in version 6.0 regardless of
>>> the service packs. Well, frequently I dismissed it thinking perhaps
>>> it's an error in code or I changed something that effected it. Well,
>>> just the other day I simply took a label off of a screen and I
>>> thought I deleted all references to it. Ran the screen several
>>> times with no problem. Either later in the day or the next day, I
>>> ran the screen and received an error that I had not deleted a
>>> reference in the init of the screen. Regardless of what I had done
>>> in the screen, the reference in the init error should have
>>> displayed. It was a plain no conditional reference. I did notice in
>>> version 6.0, changes that I had done seemed to be undone after a
>>> few compiles. I stopped this from occurring by deleting the .bak
>>> files frequently. Well I have the .bak file option shut off in
>>> version 7.0. It seems that the files in the background (screens can
>>> be treated as tables like the reports), these changes aren't saved
>>> properly or permanently for some reason. Anyone else experienceing
>>> this? Anything I can do about this? It's embarassing and I can't do
>>> my job properly if I have to be my own manual compiler!