Re: Reindex appears to be packing tables!

From: Debbie (
Date: 11/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 09:50:12 -0500

It isn't always returning TRUE! But in reply to your post, I went into the
PackTable method so that I could copy and paste the code in my reply to you,
and I noticed a silly mistake (which is obviously the cause of all my
problems)!! There are eight tables that aren't meant to be packed and one
of them (the one that kept getting packed) was missing the DBF extension in
it's filename. Oops! Guess I need to make an appointment at the

Thanks to everyone who replied, and please accept my apologies for wasting
your time.


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"Mike" <> wrote in message 
> Have you stepped through the PackTable method to see why it is always 
> return true?
> Have you checked to make sure that lcTable has a value when being passed 
> to the PackTable method?
> Can you provide the ALL of the code in the PackTable method include the 
> Parameter statement?
> Not sure what part of code you are talking about when you talk about the 
> messagebox.
> -mike
> Debbie wrote:
>> I have a reindex program that uses the ADIR() function to gather the 
>> names of all my tables and then reindex them.  Before reindexing each 
>> table, I pass the table name to a method which tells me whether or not it 
>> is one that can be packed at this time (it returns .T. if the table can 
>> be packed, and .F. if it can't).  My problem is that, regardless of what 
>> the method returns, all tables get packed!  I added a messagebox to tell 
>> me if I was falling into the correct part of my code, and I was.
>> llpack = THISFORMSET.PackTable(lctable)
>> USE (lctable) EXCL ALIAS lctable
>> IF llpack
>>         PACK
>>         REINDEX
>>         =MESSAGEBOX("Not packing.",0)  && Test
>>         REINDEX
>> USE IN lctable
>> Maybe I'm missing something silly, but I'd appreciate it if anyone out 
>> there had some suggestions!  Thanks in advance.
>> Debbie