Re: FoxPro Database Connection

From: Cindy Winegarden (
Date: 08/19/04

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    Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 20:10:47 -0400

    Hi Joseph,

    Any chance your connection is trying to open files exclusively? Have you
    tried using the VFP OLE DB provider, downloadable from ?

    Also, is the third party app a FoxPro app or is it using ODBC or OLE DB?
    Some FoxPro tables have new features that make them no longer accessible via
    ODBC but they can all be accessed via OLE DB.

    Cindy Winegarden  MCSD, Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP
    "JParchem" <> wrote in message
    > Hello,
    > I am attempting to connect to data we have in a FoxPro database using
    > ODBC and ASP.
    > The web hosting machine is Windows 2000 Server running IIS5. .NET
    > framework has been added. Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver:
    > 6.01.8630.01. Running the most recent MDAC as well.
    > The database is on a Novell cluster, so I am using the most recent
    > Novell client to connect to the server. I have a mapped drive to
    > connect to the DBC with.
    > I had a hard time just opening the DBC file, but through switching
    > between a system and user account and that fixed that. Now, it
    > connects to the database, but can't open any of the table files:
    > [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]Cannot open file
    > I have tried a number of solutions and have not found anything. I
    > think it might have to do with the DBC file already being open? That
    > doesn't fly because multiple people access this data using 3rd party
    > software.
    > Please advise,
    > Joseph Parchem
    > Network Administrator 

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