Upsizing a VFP 8.0 database

From: Patrick (
Date: 08/09/04

Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 10:24:57 -0400

I get an error after I upsized an VFP database, then try to append
from a VFP table to the SQL Server. Its an SQL error which states as

Connectivity error: conversion of char data type to datetime data type
resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.

Now there is only one field that is a datetime in the SQL table and
only one field in the VFP table which is a date field. I have tried
changing that field in the VFP table to a datetime data type but still
get that error.

The results from aerror() are as follows.

? aerror(1) = 1526
aerror(4) = 22008
aerror(5) = 242
aerror(6) = 1

anyone have any clue where the problem is? or what else would you need
to see to help me with this problem