Re: update trigger

From: Rush Strong (rush.strong)
Date: 05/27/04

Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 20:07:57 -0700

Such a trigger would violate one of Cobb's basic data normalization laws: a
field should not be dependant upon another field. if you have the domain
and the user, you can calculate the email address on an as needed basis. If
you want to use it on a form or a report, use a view along the lines of:

    SELECT FName, LName, User - '@' - Domain AS Email, [...]

[Instead of spending another 12 hours on this, spend the time searching at:

and the assorted links. A solid data structure is critical to your

 - Rush

"linkusnet" <> wrote in message
> Is there an example of a table update/insert trigger that will allow me to
take two fields concat them and store them in a third.
> During an insert I insert a record with these values:
> Field domain equals
> Field user equals joe
> I then need a trigger to store in the email field.
> Help Please! 12 hours into it and really no closer.......
> TIA!