P.S. Extract files from general fld

From: DDM (msnewsJUNKFILTER_at_DuffyWeber.com)
Date: 03/30/04

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 11:58:38 -0800

P.S. Have searched Universal Thread up and down but no real breakthroughs.
You don't have, perchance, an article number do you? Various combinations
of "extract" "general" "append" and "OLE" yield nothing, and just one
article may yield a basis for my extraction module. (kind of like the sand
grain that begins the pearl eh?)

> You don't. Well, not easily. That's one reason (among many) most of us
> recommend againsts using General fields entirely.
> The problem is that it isn't a file, exactly. It's an object. And the
> storage format of that object is ENTIRELY up to the owning application
> (which isn't VFP).
> If you go to universalthread.com, there are a variety of utilities for
> extracting various object types in the download area. Your mileage may
> Dan
> DDM wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> Quick question - how does one extract files from a general field to
>> put in a directory on the harddrive?
>> I have the code for alowing the user to name the file again, but have
>> not been able to find the method for telling foxpro to make a copy of
>> the file inthe general field onto the harddrive.
>> TIA!