VFP6 and Access2000

From: Wilson Thomas (wilson_at_indomel.com)
Date: 03/19/04

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 17:27:32 -0800


I am using the following code to update a table in Access 2000 from VFP6

    STORE SQLCONNECT('indomelpay', 'admin', '123') TO gnConnHandle
     IF gnConnHandle <= 0
        = MESSAGEBOX('Cannot make connection', 16, 'SQL Connect Error')
     =SQLEXEC(gnConnHandle, 'select * from employee', 'List1')
     SELECT List1
     =CURSORSETPROP("keyfield", "id", "List1")
     =CURSORSETPROP("buffering", 3, "List1")
     =CURSORSETPROP("SendUpdates", .T., "List1")

While I update in BROWSE window, it generated error as

     "No update tables are specified.
     Use the table property of the Cursor."

I also tried by creating query and then the following command

     =CURSORSETPROP("keyfield", "EXEC qList", "List1")

Still it generates the error.
Dealing with direct table is OK

Any solution?

Thanks in advance