Re: treeview in a dbc R.I.

From: Michel Levy (
Date: 03/12/04

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    Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 16:18:45 +0100

    Thanks Igor,

    I use treeview control for a lot of its non visible object properties and
    methods, in the UI of old applications.
    I'm building a new app (integral tracing, tracking and traceability), and
    try to put in RI all that rules which where remaining in UI, and have
    nothing to do at this place (only data integrity rules, typically to put in
    dbc SP).
    In the old apps, I was managing these rules using treeview control (object
    properties), because it was faster, and really object oriented. It seems
    it's better not to try it in SP, so i'll write it again with an old do while
    .t. / enddo, and select * from myalias where .f. into mycursor, and so on...
    Pfffff !!!! (in fact, I begin to do it for 1 week...)

    But y're right : I fisrt tried with the treeview in SP, and it was very
    difficult to catch and handle all errors. And if define class is unsupported
    in ODBC, I must stop it now. In the new UI, ok, not in dbc.



    "Igor Korolyov" <> a ecrit dans le message de
    > Hi, Michel!
    > You wrote on Mon, 1 Mar 2004 17:14:05 +0100:
    > ML> Do you think I can use < define class monform as custom >, or anything
    > ML> like that?
    > No it won't work if you'll access your data outside of VFP - DEFINE CLASS
    > one of the unsupported commands for ODBC driver, and at all - using of any
    > User Interface in SPs is wrong way. Why don't you use just a _simple_
    > for data entry (with treeview and other controls)? Why do you want to have
    > it inside SP? The whole idea of SPs (and RI triggers as it's subtype) is
    > invisible data validation/processing and raising errors in critical
    cases -
    > and UI have to handle this errors and _may_ show some forms to resolve
    > and so on.
    > --
    > WBR, Igor

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