XFRX Issues


I'd like to switch and I'd like to be in VFP 9 as well but I am using this
method of calling XFRX

loSession = EVALUATE([xfrx("XFRX#INIT")])
lnRetVal = loSession.SetParams(...
if lnRetVal = 0
release loSession

The last version that I tested with VFP 9 did not support this calling
method. The newer calling method worked just find, however.

Maybe I should test the newer version of XFRX and VFP 9 with this syntax. If
it worked then I could move into VFP 9 now and do the XFRX syntax
conversions at my leisure.

Right now, XFRX is the only thing I know of standing between me and VFP 9
and it is this old style calling method that is the problem.

"Stephen Ibbs" <stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just off topic a bit Jeff, but thought you might like to know I finally
switched from xfrx which I bought for vfp7 (and was still using in vfp 9)
to the latest 12.6 xfrx version, and it is MUCH better. The reports are
aligned more accurately, it's faster, and it has the SUMMARY option which
wasn't in the earlier version. Switch as soon as you can !! <g>


"Jeff Grippe" <jeff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It isn't just a straight conversion issue.

At the "big picture" level, we've got an accounting system and credit
reporting that is specific to our industry.

At the detail level, we've done a lot of work. We've got:
A web site that querys and updates our database
An FTP upload/download with our key trading partner
Image scanning, document storage and retreival
Periodic reporting by emal/fax

All of these features would need to be in a new system. I know how to do
all of them very well in VFP.

Some of these details require so much work that I can't even spend the
necessary time to migrate from VFP 7 SP 1 to VFP 9. I use a package
called XFRX to generate PDF's and the calling method that I use in VFP 7
does not work in VFP 9. I use it all over my applications and on my web
site. I would have to change all of them at once to the new calling

I will get it done eventually when things slow down a bit but I think I'm
sticking with VFP until it just can't get the job done anymore.

"Man-wai Chang ToDie (33.6k)" <toylet.toylet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I don't think it is an issue which one is faster now. All .NET
languages must compiled to the Intermedia Language (IL) of .NET, and
once compiled to the IL they all should be the same for the .NET CRL
(Common Runtime Language). Don't just take my word, I am not a .NET
expert, there are plenty of information on the web about this, so
please google it and choose the language you feel more comfortable
working with.

If someone could write a translator that translate Foxpro forms into
.Net codes...

Remember how we used to do things with the old Foxpro/DOS' screen
generator? All we need is to translate things into .Net rather than
Foxpro codes. :)

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