Re: VFP9 SP2 on SP1 runtimes?

I have an app that uses that type of update process. Just don't install into the program files folder (which you shouldn't do if you need to write back to the folder anyways) I find that the update routine works just fine under Vista, both 32 and 64 bit flavors.

Cy Welch
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"Paul Pedersen" <nospam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ubIlvqaDIHA.3332@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have an app that uses a similar system. It seems to me that that will have to be changed when you get users on Vista. At that point, you'll have to reinstall everybody anyway, right?

"Pall Bjornsson" <palli@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:X-mdnfBuHLz9Fo3a4p2dnAA@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi !

I'm considering installing the SP2.

I'm maintaining a Foxpro .EXE application that I don't want to break. That application is used by approx. 50 users, which do have the newest version of the .EXE upgraded locally, each time the load the app.

However, the VFP runtime support files and libraries reside locally at their machines, and they will not get upgraded automatically.

So my question is.. if I compile in the SP2 IDE and deploy the new version to the users, can they still run with the SP1 runtimes in place ?