Re: VFP9 Reports from VFP8 reports

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 03:35:45 -0600, TreborS
<TreborS.21xglq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I'm experiencing some problems with my reports which were originally
>created in VFP8. Now that i'm using VFP9, the reports generated are
>either resized or stretched and have different font size. I found out
>that setting the SETBEHAVIOR to 80, the reports generated are now
>Is this the only solution for reports to be generated properly if they
>were created in VFP8 and ran in VFP9?

Can you take a screen shot to show what you are seeing?

All of my reports work pretty well with REPORTBEHAVIOR 90, except for
text sometimes being a couple of pixels wider than before. I don't
know what could cause stretching, but there is something that causes
reports to be shrunk.

If there are fields off the edge of the report (for instance if the
report was landscape at one time and was changed to portrait and
controls beyond the portrait limit were not removed), with
REPORTBEHAVIOR 80 those fields are just chopped off.

The behavior for 90 is a little hard to describe in words, but here is
an example. Suppose the paper width is 8.5" and there is a control
off the right edge whose right edge is at 10". The report will be
shrunk horizontally by 85% so that the control off the right edge will
fit on the page, even though that control will not be printed.

This case is obvious when you Preview because the preview page is
chopped at the original 8.5" location, which is now at 7.2", and so is
narrower than it should be.