Re: FILES statement in CONFIG - obsolete?

SYS(2010) returns the files setting in config.sys (or 255 in VFP), but does
not properly describe the relation between FILES settings and the different
version of VFP, nor does it mention config.nt, nor does it mention the
vfiles setting in system.ini (I forget exactly what it is called, it's been
too long since I needed this).

Even worse, it says "The files setting in your Config.sys file must be
somewhat greater than the number of files you would like to open in Visual
FoxPro.". This is flat wrong. VFP is not limited by this setting because it
doesn't use DOS file handles.

"Lee Mitchell" <Leemi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi Peter:
> I looked in the VFP 8.0 Help file under Config.fpw. I did not see
> "Files="
> eve listed. Windows takes are of this for you.
> I hope this helps.
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>>In the earliest Foxes (maybe Foxbase?) there was a statement that could be
>>put in the CONFIG.FP file, reading like this:
>>meaning that an application could have up to 50 files open simultaneously.
>>I have found no reference to this statement in any recent documentation,
> up
>>through VFP 6. Is it correct to say that the FILES= statement is
> completely