Re: [crystal report] direct access to DBF (con't)

There is no reason to use DAO. DAO is a huge resource hog and simply a
wrapper around ODBC.

Once again, your choices are:

1. Use Fox2x tables. Crystal can read these natively. The Crystal drivers to
do this are an optional install from the Crystal CD.
2. OLEDB/ADO. You can use this two ways. 1)Use the VFP OLEDB provider to
read the data. You can read Fox2x and VFP tables. 2) Use ADO inside VFP and
pass an ADO record set directly to the report.
3. ODBC. Use the VFP ODBC driver, but it hasn't been updated since VFP 6.0.

Craig Berntson
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"Man-wai Chang" <toylet.toylet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I now picked DAO (Access/Excel), use file type "dbaseIII"
> and used a TYPE FOX2X free table "d:\h123.dbf".
> The report worked fine and could be preview while using CR 9.0.
> Now it's Foxpro's turn. I opened the report using the sample code, and:
> loDb=.crxreport.database()
> loTables=loDb.Tables()
> loItem=loTables.item(1)
> loItem.Location="d:\h123.dbf" && the same table I used above
> The oleCRViewer reported the attached error. the chinese roughly
> translated to "unknown database format".
> This one worked:
> loItem.Location="h123"
> I could only change the name of the temp file, but not the *path* to the
> temp file. Is there another property to deal with?
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