Re: Visual Foxpro 6.0 Service Pack 5

I am sorry I don't understand the meaning of "rebuild your installer so that
it takes the SP5 runtime files...". How can I rebuild the installer? what
can I do?
Please help.

More detail about what I have done was:
After unzipped the "VS6sp5Ot.exe" --> run "setupsp5.exe"
--> and open Visual Foxpro 6.0, click "About" and saw Microsoft Visual
Foxpro 6.0 SP5 Chinese Version. And then I generate the execute file again.

Many thanks.

"Dan Freeman" wrote:

You're mixing and matching here.

You should rebuild your installer so that it takes the SP5 runtime files and
puts them on the user's machine. If the problem still occurs, does it still
occur at the same place in your code? If so, what's going on? Printing?

Once you've eliminated everything that isn't causing the problem, then
you'll know the cause of the problem. Of course, the problem may well be
something that was fixed in the the SIX later releases of VFP, and that
won't help you at all.


Cat wrote:
Any help? or hints?

On the other hand, I tried to generate the dll file (I guess SP5
runtimes with the new code means the dll file?), but the error occur
about the OLE type is missing, so that the dll cannot be generated.

Thanks for any help.

"Cat" wrote:

The error occur on user's machine.
How can I create / generate the SP5 runtimes?
Or, just download the "vfp6run.msm" is already fixed the problem?

Thanks for your help!


"Rick Bean" wrote:

Does this error occur on the developer machine? Or does it occur on
the user's machine? If the second, did you distribute the new VFP
6.0 SP5 runtimes with the new code file?


"Cat" <Cat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Dear all,
So far, the executable generated from VFP6.0 SP2 work fine and
no error occurs. However, from last Friday the error appearred
"Fatal Error: Exception C00000FD". Therefore, I downloaded the SP5
(VS6sp5Ot.exe) and extracted the files in a directory. My steps
as follow:
1. Run "setupsp5.exe"
2. Reboot the PC
3. Open VFP6.0 and re-compile the program

However, the error still occur. Why? Anyone can help me??
Besides, are there any dll files I need replace?

Thank you.