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From: Darin Roulston [MSFT] (
Date: 01/20/05

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 22:52:04 GMT

This is not a DNS problem. To do what you want, the virusscanner would have
to have a list of all users in both systems and map their
address with their respective system (i.e. Otherwise
just based on, the way it receives the mail from the Internet,
it would have no way to tell which domain to map it to. If this isn't
possible then you will either need to have separate public smtp namespaces
for the two systems or synchronize the directories so that one system
receives all Internet mail and then forwards to a contact that represents
the user in the other system. The contact is generated by directory
synchronization. The only problem you get into is situations where someone
does a reply all to messages address to both systems and the Internet. For
instance if someone from Exchange sends to Notes and cc's the Internet, the
Internet user receives the mail and does a reply-all, if you're not careful
one of the reply addresses will be the internal domain name. So you have to
do a lot of testing, there are many ways to accomplish this (involving
primary vs proxy addresses, authoritative domains vs non-authoritative)
but it's always get's convoluted when you try to share an smtp domain
namespace. Just be sure to test all possibilities of sending, forwarding
and replying to mails. The easist way is like I believe Leif described in
which case you don't use the and
subdomains. You just pick one system to receive incoming mail and everyone
is in both systems. The system receiving forwards to contacts
that represent the user in the other system, a lot less confusing. You
would do this by using the Notes connector for Exchange which will do
directory synchronization, mail flow and calendar connector if desired. You
can also just dirsynch SMTP contacts in both directions but then you get
into the problems above. The only real advantage I see in the two systems
communicating over SMTP and dirsynching SMTP contacts is that you can send
HTML formatted message. The Notes connector to Exchange can't pass HTML
content across the connector.

Darin Roulston

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I don't believe that this can be solved in DNS. You must send all emails to
either the Notes server or the Exchange server and then this server can
forward the emails destined for users on the other server to this server.
I assume that Exchange users should be able to email Notes users and also
the other way around??
That would mean some form of directory syncgronization which can be achieved
by the Notes connector in Exchange.
If my assumption is wrong (no emails exchanged by the 2 mail system). You
can have all internet emails forwarded to the exchange server and then use
"Lode >>" <<<> skrev i en meddelelse
> Hi,
> In our company we are working with a Lotus Notes server. Now we want to
> up an Exchange 2003 next to the existing Notes server.
> Actual situation:
> All incoming mail for ""  is accepted by an SMTP virus scanner
> then forwarded to the local Notes server ""
> New situation:
> user1 mailbox is on the notes server
> user2 mailbox is on the exchange server
> We want that mail scanned by the SMTP virusscanner for is
> sent to the Notes server "" and mail for
> the exchange server ""
> I know that this is possible through DNS, but how?
> Can somebody help me with this issue??
> byebye
> Lode