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Date: 01/04/05

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 08:47:05 -0800

I have valid email being delivered to my NDR mailbox. It seems that it is
targeting email from specific domains to specific users. Any ideas would be
greatly appreciated.

"Geoff Pearce" wrote:

> If <> is the originating email address of the outbound emails then they are
> Non Delivery Report
> Exchange Server accepts aliases to valid domains at your exchange server.
> Later if the alias is undeliverable then Exchange Server returns an Non
> Deliver Report (NDR) to the orginator. If a nondelivery report can't be
> delivered to the sender, a copy of the original message is placed in the
> "bad" mail directory. Messages placed in the bad mail directory can't be
> delivered or returned. You can use the bad mail directory to track potential
> abuse of your messaging system. By default, the bad mail directory is
> located at root:\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi#\BadMail, where root is the install
> drive for Exchange Server and # is the number of the SMTP virtual server,
> such as C:\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\BadMail. You can change the location of
> the bad mail directory at any time, but you should never place the directory
> on the M: drive, which is reserved for other types of Exchange Server data.
> Likely at your location spammers are attempting dictionary attacks on your
> domains in an attempt to get their emails delivered. A dictionary attack
> are emails addressed to a large list of common aliases. Also to prevent the
> spammer from being swamped with NDRs the originating email address is
> typically spoofed or randomized. Exchange Server attempts to deliver NDRs
> to the originator of the emails with invalid aliases during the dictionary
> attack. Due to the fact that many of the originating addresses of the spam
> are falsified the NDRs sit in the outbound queue (outbound with originating
> address of <> or attempting to go to an invalid
> location. Eventually the NDRs fail the defined number of retrys and are
> moved to your Badmail folder.
> Exchange 2003
> The following article describes how to prevent exchange 2003 server from
> accepting undeliverable email and therefore would reduce the amount of items
> in your badmail folder.
> Exchange 2000 (3 options below)
> The following article disables Non Delivery Reports in Exchange 2000 (NOTE
> this will not prevent items from being accepted and moved to your Bad Mail
> folder)
> The following will move all undeliverable email to a mailbox and will
> prevent NDRs from being generated.
> For Exchange 2000 you can purchase third party tools to filter email that
> is undeliverable at your exchange server and prevent the build up of
> outbound NDRs. For example Nemx Power Tools for MS Exchange can be setup to
> sort all undeliverable email and delete it or move it to a mailbox. Nemx
> Power Tools for MS Exchange offers better control of NDRs through regular
> expression matching on undeliverable email address and limits of the number
> of undeliverable email address per email.
> Nemx Software (which I represent)
> Geoff Pearce
> Nemx Software
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> > I have something that is adding files to both my queue and bad mail folder
> > like mad. Can I delete everthing in the queue folder as well as the bad
> > mail folder? I know that I'm not setup to be a really, so how could this
> be
> > happening?
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