Re: Clientless VPN and OWA

there shouldn't be any reason OWA can't work this way. if the solution
meets the security policy requirements of the customer, then I guess it's

"trinity" <cuong_3@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> My customer would like to implement OWA so their users can access email
> from anywhere. I had proposed to them the Microsoft recommend
> topology: put an ISA server in the DMZ and the FE servers inside the
> Corp Network. They are currently running Exchange 2000 and AD 2000.
> However, they want to know if there is another approach to this. As it
> turns out, one of their FW supports Clientless VPN. Clientless VPN
> allows their users to make a SSL VPN connection to the FW then from
> there they can access OWA. This way there is no need for ISA server.
> I haven't able to find a whole lot of discussion around this topic. It
> looks like a good alternative, simple and less costs. Have anyone uses
> this solution with great success? Any draw back compare to the ISA
> method? Does Microsoft supports this alternative?
> Any comment on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
> Cuong