Re: How to best approach restoring a total system failure. (Wind

First we need to know what was being backed up by backup exec. If you were
performing a full backup, system state and the exchange information store,
using the exchange be agent, then you can use backup exec to restore the
entire machine. If you think the manual is not clear open a case with
Veritas. I found the manual ok.

"Dan" <Dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>-> Yes, we will be using the same hardware (Hard drives died.. was in raid
> not sure how.)
> ->I am assuming it wasnt the only DC, as the exchange server has been down
> for sometime now, and this server was the last of 3 to be installed. (Wont
> know for sure till I get onsite).
> -> I have been looking at the manuals from Veritas also, been looking
> over
> the the MS document for that Lief has recommend for a while now. The
> veritas
> manuals were very short and sweet, however left me with a lot of
> questions.
> With Veritas did you also restore the System State, or just the mailboxes
> and files?
> "Kevin Longley" wrote:
>> Will you be using the same hardware? What type of backups have you been
>> performing? Need to confirm if this was also a DC and if it was the only
>> one. Also note that I have used backup exec to restore an entire exchange
>> server - there manuals have a procedure for this.
>> "Dan" <Dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:E9516586-66B1-4564-A518-31ED04CD867F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > We are about to embark on a mission!
>> >
>> > Situation:
>> >
>> > Software: Server 2000 SP4, Exchange SP3, Veritas 9.1.
>> > Things I am not sure of: If this server was also a Domain controller,
>> > still
>> > trying to figure this out.
>> >
>> > I am trying to piece together a game plan on setting everything back
>> > up.
>> > So
>> > far this is what I got.
>> >
>> > 1. Install Server 2000 SP4.
>> > 2. Add machine to the domain (using same name as before... will this
>> > cause
>> > issues in AD.. ie, will I have to remove the previous server name from
>> > AD,
>> > then readd it?,.. will that screw anything up exchange wise?
>> > 3. Install Exchange 2000 SP3.
>> > 4. Using Veritas restore the mail boxes.
>> >
>> > We do have veritas support subscription, so we can always call them and
>> > spend hours on the phone if needed. I am more concerned about setting
>> > everything up properly before restoring the mailboxes.
>> >