Re: No Outlook Access over VPN

That is strange. Sounds like a network / routing issue rather than an Exchange one.
The fact that you cannot even ping by IP says a lot.

"Debbie B." <DebbieB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:50631648-EA44-4104-A968-210ED5B8583C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
That's the weird part. When I am connected via vpn in to Company A (the
company that we just put the Exchange Server in for) I cannot ping that
server by either ip address or by server name.

But... when I am connected to Company A's VPN AND Company B's VPN (company B
being my consulting company), I can resolve the IP address.

Is that screwed up or what?

"Martin Blackstone" wrote:

Can you resolve the machine name when connected via the VPN?
Ping servername?

You might also look at this:

"Debbie B." <DebbieB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> My new Exchange 2007 environment works very well except for one thing.
> The
> user's cannot connect to their Outlook mailboxes via VPN. The message
> they
> receive is that they are unable to connect to the Exchange server.
> Any ideas? OWA works. Mail Flows internally and externally. This VPN
> piece is the only part I cannot get to work, and I don't recall having > to
> do
> anything special in a 2003 setup.
> Thanks in advance,
> Debbie