No more transactions allowed Error; 452 4.5.3

From: Brian (
Date: 10/07/04

Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 10:21:45 -0700

I have a server that sends out reports nightly to a large number of
recipients. I often get the following error on a number of messages.

"The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
      ??? on 10/7/2004 12:23 AM
            The e-mail system limits the number of recipients that can be
addressed in a single message. Send the message multiple times to fewer
            < #4.5.3 smtp;452 4.5.3 No more transactions

I have tried removing the limits on number of outbound connections on the
SMTP server but the problem persists. Does any one have any other ideas.

Thank you,

- Brian