Re: OWA Authentication problem.

From: Bluehades (
Date: 05/03/04

Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 12:50:59 -0700

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Another quick question.
What security settings should i apply on the ExchWeb
folder? Right now i have it set at Anonymous.

many thanks.

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>In 2003 the Front End Server will attempt to send
credentials to the Back
>End Server using Kerberos, for security reasons.
>If the Back End Server does not have Integrated
Authentication set, then
>Exprox is forced to send Basic credentials and will warn
you with the 1001
>Event ID.
>832397 An incorrect event description for event ID 1001
appears on an
>To ensure the highest level of security we recommend that
you have both
>Basic and Integrated Authentication checked on the
Exchange and Public
>Virtual Directories in the
>Exchange System Manager-Server-Protocols-HTTP-Exchange
Virtual Server then
>the Properties of the Exchange and Public virtual
directories for your BACK
>END servers.
>Your Front End Servers will only have BASIC, and that is
>So hopefully all you need to do is check Integrated on
your Back End Servers
>Exchange and Public Vdirs in the ESM.
>Hope this helps.
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>"Bluehades" <> wrote
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>> Hello's all.
>> I have an Exchange 2003 Front-end/Back End setup. I seem
>> to be having quirky issues with users not getting the
>> page to display correctly, or the page taking forever to
>> load. What are the recommended authentication settings
>> for the Front End Server virtual directories (Exchange,
>> Public, Exchweb), & for the Back-End server virtual
>> directories (Exchange, Public, Exchweb)? I'am also
>> receiving an EXPROX error message on my front end server
>> saying that the current autentication mechansim iam
>> btwn the Front & Back end server is not supported (Basic
>> Authentication.)
>> many thanks,
>> Blue.