Re: OWA placement

Thanks for the reply..We have ISA 2004 EE servers in the DMZ for web
publishing (between PIX firewalls)
PIX (outside)
ISA 2004 (not members of internal domain)
PIX (inside)
Internal network (AD, Exchange, OWA)

If I use ISA OWA publishing, what ports on the inside PIX do I need to open?

"Bharat Suneja [MVP]" <bharatsuneja@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Recommended on the inside network with mailbox servers - locating them on
perimeter networks (aka "DMZ") will involve opening enough ports from FEs
to the internal network (DCs/GCs/Exchange/DNS servers) to make your
firewall look like swiss cheese.

SSL VPN appliances like Whale's e-Gap (now part of Microsoft) provide a
highly secure way of publishing applications like OWA to the internet,
should your security policies require it.
Bharat Suneja
MVP - Exchange
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"Nathan" <caseynathan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Should the OWA servers be in the DMZ or the inside network with the
mailbox servers?