Re: Exchange Forwarding but not keeping local copy

This is going to further show my ignorance of Exchange 2003. Where does one
find the message tracking logs?

I can't look anything up for anything that has gone missing in the past, because
it never made it to his Outlook, and he deletes the messages from Gmail each
day. I can, however, get him to let me know the next time that it happens and
to NOT delete the one that shows up on Gmail, so that I can look at the headers.
I'm making an assumption here that the message number is how I'd find it in the
logs, yes?

As for him getting an assistant... I've suggested it a number of times, but he
sees it as more of a cost than an asset. Being that he's the President of the
company, I can only push so far... though I keep pushing. So, no... there isn't
anyone but him who is accessing his email.


"Michael Dragone" <no.e-mail=less_spam> wrote in message
As Lanwench said in another reply, check the message tracking logs for one of
the messages that have gone misssing.
Any chance this executive has an assistant who might have accessed his Inbox
and moved/deleted the message(s)?

"Joe" <newsjoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Please forgive me if I don't use all the correct terminology, as I'm not a
heavy Exchange person.

That said...

I added the gmail account address to the directory, and then went into the
person's account profile and set Exchange to forward a copy to the external
address. If that wording to just to vague, let me know and I'll go back and
write down step by step what I did.


"Michael Dragone" <no.e-mail=less_spam> wrote in message
How did you set up the forwarding initially?

"Joe" <newsjoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I've got a sort of strange problem. I have a user whose email is set up to
forward a copy to a Gmail account that he checks from his iPhone. Most of
the time it works flawlessly, but a couple of times a month it will forward
the mail to Gmail but it never shows up in his local Outlook program. This
has happened with different senders at different times, so there's very
little in the way of a pattern to look at.

Any ideas?