Re: Can't receive emails from bcc's sender

Antonio Pereira <antonio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My Exchange server (2003), can´t receive emails, from BCC, receive a
message like that

Unable to contact the following recipients:

Undisclosed-recipients: on 18-02-2008 18:03
The format of the e-mail address is incorrect. Please
check the address, look the recipient in the book of addresses or
contact the recipient directly to determine the correct address.
<tejo.loja.local #5.1.3>

can you help please?

Please provide more details. Where exactly are you seeing this NDR?

Regardless, it doesn't appear that the problem is with the BCC field data -
the address for "undisclosed recipients" in the TO field seems to be the
issue. As it isn't clear what the sender actually entered, please try to
send yourself a test message from an external mailbox, using the BCC field -
leave the "To" field blank. See what happens. If you get that message,
contact the people who are trying to send you *this* one and find out what
they're entering.