Re: X400 Address instead of SMTP

On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:00:25 GMT, "Vid" <xeroxdc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Recently users in Outlook 2003 that have been using the GAL and sending
e-mails get a NDR because the mail queue/categorizer tries to resolve the
recipient to the X400 address for the user instead of resolving it and
sending it to the users SMTP address for internal mail. This is ocurring on
Exchange 2003 with the latest sevice pack/hotfixs. Any idea's?

You mean the x.500 address right? Not the x400?
If the recipients within the NDRs are the legacyExchangeDN values
then its x.500.

Having a global catalog problem?
Errors in the event logs?
Did something change? Move mailboxes between Admin Groups or via