Re: Print Distribution list members


You can export the members of a group using dsquery and dsget like in this

dsquery group -name "Group Name" | dsget group -members -expand >

dsquery and dsget are available on domain controllers or by installing the
admin tools. If there are groups that are nested, both the group name and
the members of that group will be listed when using -expand.

BUT... an easier way might be to start a new message in Outlook and select
the distribution list. You can then right-click on the list and choose
Expand DL. If there are nested Distribution Lists, you can then expand
those using the same method. Then just cut and paste the Names from the
address field.

Hope this helps.

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"Simongrass" <Simongrass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Good morning
I need to print or export into a file, the member of a distribution list.
Can someone help me.
Our server is exchange 2003


Sorry for my english (i'm typing from Italy)