Re: Help, emails with attachments being blocked


take a look at

there are only 4 places to set the max - message size, you already checked
3. last one would be on the user itself, see ad-user properties, exchange
general, delivery restrictions.

please keep in mind that messages transferred with smtp can grow rapidly
during transport if they contain attachments, eg. a 10mb attachment can
easily generate a 15mb mail and therefore trigger eg. a 13 mb limit.



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On Nov 5, 9:44 am, "Georg Hinterhofer" <c...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

pls check your size limits on the smtp virtual server, on your smtp
connector (if you have one), and double check in global settings/message

also make sure that the users are not over their assigned mailbox quota.

that should get you started.


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Exchange 2003. Globally I have changed 'receiving message limit' to
no limit while I have been trying to troubleshoot this issue but still
hasn't resolved. I have also made sure that all users are using the
default limit set by the exchange server. Where else do I need to
adjust size limit? Here is the NDR that is created:
Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MSExchangeTransport
Event Category: NDR
Event ID: 3014
Date: 11/5/2007
Time: 7:32:07 AM
User: N/A
A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.2.3 was generated for
recipient rfc822;emaila...@xxxxxxxxxxx (Message-ID
Cause: The message size was large or the local quota exceeded. For
example, remote Exchange user might have delivery restrictions set
with maximum incoming message size.

I increased SMTP virtual server settings for 'limit message size' and
'limit message setting' to 20mb. I'm only trying to receive a 10mb
file. At this point I am sending test emails from my gmail account to
my domain email address but keep generating NDR's on the exchange
server. I do not have any quotas set limiting mailbox size. We do
not use any connectors. This is really getting frustrating. Another
thing I do not understand. Is there a way to have the attachment
stripped but receive the original email? Because this has probably
been an issue for some time now but never reported. If the users get
the email sans attachment atleast we will know when a problem exists.