Re: cannot send to one particular email address - can reply

R_hyde <richard.hyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Set up outlook 2007 on my new vista laptop. Can receive emails from
"probname@domain" and "probname" receives them back when I reply to
the received email but not when I create the email from scatch,
forward or send directly via the contact record.

I presume you mean, this guy is in your Outlook contacts. Check the
properties of the contact ...right-click on the SMTP email address, and
check what you see in Outlook Properties. Pick Plain Text, save, and test.

He does receive them
if I send from a word document (ie file/send to from within word).

The email goes out (ie appears in the sent folder) but does not
arrive. It does arrive if I reply to the received email. I have tried
it with typing the correct name in the To/CC/BCC boxes
and also using the auto complete function.

Othernames@domain (ie the same domain) get there ok - it just seems to
be a problem with "probname". Emails to other domains are also ok.

I have POP/SMTP and Hotmail accounts set up in outlook - probname does
not get any emails from any of them.

Things I have tried - but have not worked

1. Setting up a new profile and user ac
2. I ensured all virus scanners/firewalls turned off and not linked to

3. Deleted outlook.nk2 file just in case the autocomplete cache was
4. Using old pc that links thro' the same router/ISP had no problem
creating and sending an email to "probname@domain" and it was all
received ok
5. Checked that emails not going into "probname's" junk folder