ESE EventID 217 and Online backups failing

Hi all,

we currently run Exhange2003 SP1 (not clustered) and just started to
encounter this error when doing online backups. The MS k/b article

seems to cover our situation. My question is that this article basically
says the effected store must not be dismounted cleanly, that you

- leave it mounted
- kill the store.exe process
- apply the hotfix

and once the store is remounted it will re-validate the store.

I have checked and this hotfix is included in Exchange SP2, so my question
is this, could I do the following instead

- Apply Exchange SP2 and reboot server
- Leave the store mounted
- Kill the store.exe process
- Restart the store process

which should then re-validate the message store. What do people think?



p.s. One thing did pre-empt this, our store exceeded the 16Gb limit. I was
able to do a defrag on the store and a verfy of the store reported no issues
and it mounted ok.