Re: Many Contacts for 1 account ?

Assuming that each of these email addresses, eg scs@xxxxxxx , scs@xxxxxxx &
scs@xxxxxxx are individual mailboxes then you could setup forwarding on
those mailboxes using AD users and computers.

1. Start the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.
2. Right-click the mail-enabled user, and then click Properties.
3. Click the Exchange General tab.
4. Click Delivery Options.
5. In the Forwarding Address section, click Forward to, and then click
6. Click the mail-enabled user or the mail-enabled contact. Then,
click OK.

Note If you want e-mail to be delivered to the original mailbox as
well as the forwarding address, select the Deliver messages to both
forwarding address and mailbox check box.
7. To close Delivery Options and to close Properties, click OK two

I would suggest forwarding to a distribution group if you have multiple
final destination addresses.

Does this help?

"Ahmad Sabry El Gendi" <AhmadSabry@abc> wrote in message
forgive me but i'm new user to exchange & in a situation very bad
an old IT admin gone & i'm in replace & don't know much about Exchange
so ..
simply .. i've no idea how is the structure of the e-mails ..
we have alot of web sites e-mails starting like this scs@xxxxxxx
scs@xxxxxxx etc ...
so he didn't use the distribution groups to forward all the scs's .. &
when i try to forward i've only one e-mail to forward to it
simply i need to send a copy of scs@xxxxxxx , scs@xxxxxxx & scs@xxxxxxx
to one address like this: scs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
and later when i've e-mail to be created & put it in the list to send a
copy of it to scs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
may u help me now ?
ah by the way
i've also created a distrubution group containing external addresses so i
need to have a copy of scs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx to this one


"AM" <imaneophyte@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Perhaps if you explain what your goal is the list could help. You can
create contacts within AD that don't have a mailbox.

"Ahmad Sabry El Gendi" <AhmadSabry@abc> wrote in message
How could i create many contacts for a single exchange accounts ?
Could i create a contact for external user without to create an exchange
accouunt for it ?
some help plz