Re: POP3 DNS problem?

Make sure you are authenticating using the logon email address that is under
'Accounts' in AD Users and Computers.


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> So nobody has ANY ideas about this at all?
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> > Arrived at work this morning to find that our PDC had purged the DNS
> > zone - AD portion of our only domain. Replication between our two DC
> > failing, reporting with "RPC server not found..." errors. I found a KB
> > article that helped me get the AD portion reloaded. I did this same
> > on both DNS servers in our domain. I restarted all the netlogon
> > as the KB directed. I then found another KB article that helped me
> > rebuild the NTDS connector things in AD S&S. Replication from the PDC
> > the SDC works fine. The Exchange server had been spitting out
> > MSExchangeAL, MSExchangeFBPublish and MSExchangeSA errors all day.
> > the fixes I applied, those all went away. Everything seemed back to
> > normal.
> >
> > An hour after I left the office I got a phone call from a POP user who
> > could not logon to the POP server (Exchange 2003) to get his mail. I
> > tested and found that he was correct. The same server also serves as a
> > VPN endpoint as well as a terminal server. Those two services are
> > functioning perfectly, as tested. It seems to only be the POP service
> > that is experiencing this issue. I tried changing authentication
> > settings, connection accept/deny lists, restarting services and changing
> > the LogOn account of the Exchange POP3 service, to no avail. Nothing
> > worked. It would seem that the connection is getting through to the
> > server (I can see the connections in the Sessions window in ESM) but is
> > not able to have the user account authenticated.
> >
> > Is there a correlation between the POP and DNS problems? AD *was*
> > behaving awkwardly before I finished the replications. It was slow and
> > once in a while would spit out a Win32 error, indicating that it could
> > connect to the domain controller. We made no changes to any info in AD
> > during this period. If this is not an AD or DNS related issue, what
> > possibly be the culprit? I've exhausted my knowledge on the subject and
> > haven't had more KB or google luck in the last 5 hours or so.
> >
> > Your thoughts are appreciated. TIA :-]
> > -Brian
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