Re: Exchange 2003 and Pop3 passwords not being accepted.

From: joseppie (
Date: 12/06/04

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:19:02 -0800

Thank you very much for your help in this regards. I beleive you have pointed
me in the right direction. It appears that the alias helps and resolves.

However, I think I have figured out the cause of the problem as well. In
the past through my years of domain administration creating user profiles
with exchange alias' was a no brainer. Still is. I think I created the
problem when I thought that I would be smart and same my self some time.

I started the domain as I had always done. Creating users accepting the
default alias. After the x400 conecter would generate the mailbox I would
then go in and change the smtp address for the email address to what the
users would like.

Here is the problem. I got smart and thought that I would change the alias
during profile creation to what it was supposed to be so that I would not
have to go back in later and alter the email addresses.

The only differances between the accounts that I found is that the smtp
address for the local.domain entry for the ones that where working matched
the user profile user name. The ones that where not working had the
local.domain entry maching the email address entries. Changing the
local.domain entry to match the profile user allowed resolution and thus I am
now able to log into a pop3 client with accounts that had not previously

So one last final question or note.

Was I wrong to think that modifying the alias during profile creation would
be the correct way to set the email addresses to avoid having to go back in
and manually edit them? Is this a known issue? Or was I just doing it wrong
and there is another way to default the user email addresses to what I want
them to be with out manual edits after the x400 connector is generated?

Bottom line I think I figured out what is causing it. I will test this with
a few test accounts and get back to you with my findings.