RE: Querying Excel tables from Microsoft Query

For posterity, here is the fix.

If you have a range that has been converted to a table and given a table name,
as opposed to simply a named range, Microsoft Query will not recognize it as
a database table. I guess that would make too much sense.

What you have to do is convert the table to a range (Table Tools/convert to
then give the range a name. Then MS query will recognize it as a table when
you select the workbook as the data source.

Go figure.

"JGPatrick" wrote:

Apologies if this posts twice. Since my posting hasn't shown up in 5 hours,
I'm assuming it got lost.

I cannot query a Microsoft Excel workbook with Microsoft Query.
The error message I get is "the data source contains no visible tables".
But the workbook that I am trying to query contains two named tables.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be?


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