Excel 2007 addin Macro Missing

I am quite new to Excel 2007. I have an addin with a Macro which I can not
I wrote a Macro in VB in Excel 2007. The Macro runs.
I saved the file as a .xlsm and I can open that file an rerun the macro with
no problem. I now want to be able distribute it for others to use.
I saved the file as an Excel Addin (.xlam) in my addin folder()
I moved that file to my addin folder (C:\Documents and
Settings\myname\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns).
I opened a new Excel 2007 document and looked for the macro (developer tab,
click on Macros), but I don't see it.
I went through Options, Addins, Manage Add ins and checked it. It now shows
up in my "Active Application Add-ins" list, but I still don't see the Macro
in my Macro list.
I checked the Trust Center and that location is trusted.

Does anyone know how to make a Macro available for others in Excel 2007?