Re: When I attempt to save a workbook I get a disk is full error

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I have discovered some more information with this issue. I believe that the
disk is full error is false the drive has 50 GB free. When doing some trial
and error I found that sometimes I could get the changes to save and other
times I could not. I keep expanding the workbook until I consistamtly got
the error to occur@3MB in size. What I noticed was that the time it took got
significantly longer for it to save to the network location. I am now
thinking that there may be a timeout issue or that the network drops the save
operation. I will further investigate this avenue and see if I can find
something along those lines.

Does sound promising. Note that a network drive usually shows all it's space
as free even if there are many users and your allocated share of it is a lot
less. Can you check your disk quota allocation on that drive ? Users would
usually have a lot less than 50 GB allocated to them.

Good luck. :)

"Bruce Sinclair" wrote:

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Thanks Bruce, I am unclear as to where I look for this reference. Can you
add some more detail as to where I can get to this article?

Article ? Sorry, don't know what you mean. I do know I've had disk full
errors (particularly on a network drive) when it wasn't and the temporary
file was the problem. It's worse (obviously) for seriously large files. :)
I admit I'm not certain beyond doubt that xl does this now or with all
versions, but it is worth a look. And the dung out/ ask for more space fix
ought to work anyway. :)

"Bruce Sinclair" wrote:

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I have a copy of Excel 2003 installed on a server. It is in a share were
4 people on out team can access throuh a mapped drive. When any of us
the workbook make some changes and attempt to save it we get a messavebox

that says the disk is full.

This in not true.
If we save the workbook to our desttop, make the edits save it and copy
back to the server they are saved for the next person to see without a

This adds a good deal of time to the changes over the month and we would
like to know ifanyone can tell us why we cannot edit the file directly on
server. It contains a data source to a database that populates the

with some data, if that matters.

Any ideas of why we have this behavior and what we could do so that we
simply open the file in place make the changes and then save it , would
greatly appreciated.

Are you really close to your disk limit (ie if you saved 2 files the same
size as the one you are talking about, would you get the message on the
second save but not the first ?). The first thing XL does when opening is
create a temp file in the directory where the original is. (copy 1).
When you try to save it, I think it creates a new version, then deletes
temp file. (copy 2). That it works fine on the desktops is an indicator.
Suggest you have a dung out in the shared directory or ask for more disk
space. :)