Software to replace Excel


I work in a school which is introducing a new software system for the
teachers (Konosys)

Some of the pages are displayed using Excel and can be printed out but only
if the teacher has Excel (there is an Excel icon and it opens Excel when we
click on it and the information appears correctly)

I'd like to know if

1 There is a software which can replace Excel if only to read and print

2 Would it be difficult for the programmers to write additional code so
that if Excel isn't found on the teachers computer, then the alternative
program is found and replaces Excel

We do have a licence for Windows/Microsoft Office in the school but it
doesn't allow us to install this at home.

I am asking this not only as a user but also as a trade union
representative at the school cos we can't insist that a teacher buys
Windows/Microsoft Office and some teachers are runnning Linux and Open
Office at home

Thanks in advance

Dave Neve

Konosys at the moment only works with Excel and Internet Explorer and I have
asked a similar question to the IE 7 group

Thanks in advance

Dave Neve