Re: Merge two files no single unique identifier

I've done this in the past.

Create that unique key in each worksheet.

Copy both sets of keys to a new (third) worksheet.

Use data|filter|advanced filter to eliminate the duplicates. Now the list in
the third location is a list of unique keys from both worksheets.

Debra Dalgleish shows how:

Then used either =vlookup() or =index(match()) to retreive values from the
original two worksheets.

Debra Dalgleish has lots of notes on =vlookup() and =index(match()) here: (for =vlookup())
and (for =index(match()))

"Kenneth C. Benson" wrote:

Thanks, Dave

I finally figured out that I'm working with two subsets of a larger
file. IOW, even though File A had more entries than File B, there were
50 entries in File B that weren't in File A, and 731 entries in File A
that weren't in File B.

So I used Merge Tables Wizard to merge File B into File A and then I
went through the merged file and found (just by looking) the 50 entries
that were in File B that didn't make it into the merged file. Now I'm
copying the missing File B entries, one by one, into the merged file.

There's probably a better way, but I've already been working on this all

Ken Benson


Dave Peterson