Re: Multiple Criteria in a SUMIF or COUNTIF function

=SUMIF(NAME,"aname" .AND. TYPE,"atype",AMOUNT)

The 3 defined ranges must be identically sized
"Jack Gillis" <XXXXXXXX@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a worksheet with three ranges with range names Amount,Name and Type.
I would like to write a SUMIF formula to give me the total based on two
criteria. . Amount is numeric and Type and Name are text. I have tried
something like this but keep getting an error.

=SUMIF(NAME,"aname" .AND. TYPE,"atype",AMOUNT) Clearly this doesn't work.
A pivot table is not an option in this case for several reasons.

=SUMIF(NAME,"aname",AMOUNT) yields the proper result.

Can someone help me out here?

Thank you very much.