Re: Selective Link to Picture

Could be...

But when I read that the OP wanted it light, I guessed that he really meant
hyperlinked to the document--so that the workbook doesn't get weighed down with
the actual pictures.

But I've been wrong before!

Earl Kiosterud wrote:


When the OP said he wanted linked, not embedded, I got the impression that he wants the
picture to show in the worksheet, but not be included in the workbook file, rather linked to
a stored image file. I don't know any way to do that outside of using a macro. Your
hyperlink solution will require clicking the hyperlink, and will launch some application to
display the image, outside of Excel. I think.

That's my story, but I might not stick to it! :)
Earl Kiosterud
"Dave Peterson" <petersod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
and point to your picture file

or use the worksheet =hyperlink() worksheet function:
=HYPERLINK("file:////c:/my pictures/myfolder/somepict.jpg")

I think if you use the =hyperlink() worksheet function, your workbook will be

mloffler@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I want to show a linked (not embedded) picture based on entry in a
This way, I can keep the excel spreadsheet light.

Any help?


Dave Peterson


Dave Peterson