Re: unwrap phase

Phil, Obviously, I misread your post. Oops! James
Phil Newman wrote:
my phase data is being wrapped over by 180degrees. the data is in a
column format, and the format of the data has nothing to do with the
problem. it is a mathematical problem. once the phase data exceeds
+/-180degrees it "wraps" around to the other polarity, ie, phase that
goes 178 179 180 -179 -178 instead of 178 179 180 181 182...

thanks for your suggestion though,


jkend69315@xxxxxxx wrote:
Phil, I'm not sure what you mean by 180 degrees, but one way to keep
phrases from being broken by word wrap is to use non-printing
characters between the words instead of spaces. This works for me (I'm
using Arial font): Select one of the spaces you want to replace.
Click Insert on the menubar, then Symbol. Scroll down until you see a
blank square. Click on it to select it. Then click Insert, then
Close. Then press Enter to exit the edit mode. This should prevent
the phrase from breaking where you put the non-printing character.
HTH, James
Phil Newman wrote:
anyone know of a good method to unwrap phase that is wrapped over
180degrees in excel?