Re: why>?

aaron.kempf@xxxxxxxxx wrote...

So you don't know what WYSIWYG either? [And you can't even spell it.]

If Excel had a WISYWIG **MODE**-- where I could push the RESULTS of
formulas and store that as the real value? Something where it
automatically copied and 'paste special: values'

What a useless feature? What benefit do you believe this would provide?

Excel just doesn't support the duality of values vs. calculations well
enough.. It would be a great compliment to say that Excel is WISYWIG.

What exactly is your point here? What duality? You seem to have no clue
what functional programming languages are, nor what the advantages of
retaining formulas (the spreadsheet approash) are vs APL or Lisp
approaches (functions/statements generate arrays/lists with no 'audit
trail' unless sessions are logged).

and ANYBODY that types a single formula into Excel? They're an Excel

And anyone that uses a calculator is a developer? And anyone who runs a
query like

SELECT 1458 * 2362.59 + 11084;

in any database is a developer?

Are you even unaware of the need to perform ad hoc calculations?

As it is you idiots don't have any standardized education.
You kids never RE-USE data or calculations.

You're unable to REuse spreadsheet data or formulas because you're not
even able to do it right the first time. Me, I do both most of the
time. The difference is that I know what I'm doing with spreadsheets,
and you're clueless.

multiple people can't even work on the same workbook at the same

So, can multiple developers edit the same query or report layout at the
same time?