Re: stop script if dates are missing, edit help...

well, the other way the way it seemed to worked was that the user had
to click on the start and end range with the mouse, and because there
is a lot of rows, like almost a 1,000, scrolling down to find it wasn't
what my boss wanted :- )

he wanted the ability to enter the start date in 1/1/2005 format and
then another box for the end date...

In the end it ended up working, but then I was told, I have to make
sure that if after the dates are entered, they are from the J column
for the start and end date, then if the dates in that range to the
right on column J, which is K, if any of those are missing to print out
msg box and basically stop and say: make sure the dates in the range
are non-blank..

So that's what I am trying to figure out, your example was great, but I
couldnt' enter the date, had to click on a range $A:$1, u know :- )