Re: Excel Count Functions

Someone must be able to do better than this

call with


Function CountChar(rng As Range, ch1 As String, ch2 As String, ch3 As
String) As Long
For Each c In rng
If InStr(UCase(c.Value), UCase(ch1)) Then CountChar = CountChar + 1
If InStr(UCase(c.Value), UCase(ch2)) Then CountChar = CountChar + 1
If InStr(UCase(c.Value), UCase(ch3)) Then CountChar = CountChar + 1
End Function


"Gary Mc" wrote:

My bad, you are absolutely correct. I apologize for the error!

"David Biddulph" wrote:

Won't that double count if the cell contains both a and x?
David Biddulph

"Gary Mc" <GaryMc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm sure there are other and probably better solutions but this will work
Hope this is helpful

"Gasbag" wrote:

I am trying to count the number of cells in a row that contain one or
more of
three letters?


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