Re: perform a regression analysis

I followed the steps below and I do not see Data Analysis cmd. I see Data
Validation and What if Analysis. I need the regression pc of Data Analysis
in Excel 2007.

"Bernard Liengme" wrote:

If you have linear data and you want just the slope and intercept, use
functions SLOPE and INTERCEPT. For more statistics use LINEST

LINEST can also be used for non-linear fits; see

If you wish to use the static Data Analysis tool, you need to load the
Analysis ToolPak.
Click the Office button (bright star to the left), locate Excel Options at
bottom of dialog, in the left panel click AddIns, at the bottom of next
dialog use Manage Addins, click Go
Now make sure the Analysis ToolPak (first one, not the VBA one) is selected.
When you exit the options and look on the Data tab you will see Data
Analysis in the Analysis group

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Bernard V Liengme
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"Becky1103" <Becky1103@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I need to know how to perform this analysis using Excel 2007.


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