RE: underscore in functions

Yes, thank you. I realize it (the export) is creating names for the cells. I
need it not to do this or somehow to beable to rename them back to the
alphanumeric indication. The formulas (and cell references) it creates
interfer with the manipulation of the data. Say I need to enter an
alternative calculation and I have 700 rows of information. Unless I
specifically type =sum(A1+B1), I will get cell references when I select these
cells (=_364+_365). Now, if I wanted to copy this formula down (i.e. next
formula being A2+B2, then A3+B3, etc.) this is fine to do once but having
mutiple data sources and having to do this even one for eith column is
inefficient. The "underscore" formula does not have extended use and will not
change because the cell references will not change. The function stays
(=_364+_365) and does not become (=_464+_465).

"Sam Wilson" wrote:


I think your export processing is creating names for the cells.

If you click on D4 and look at the white box to the left of the formula bar
I bet it'll say "_393". The export process renames "D4" as "_393" and then
all formulas refer to the new name.

The formulas should all still work though.


"westronwynde" wrote:

Hi, I hope this has not been asked and I just can't find it. I am having
trouble with underscores in Excel functions. A certain program I use
(industry specific so I can't name it here) exports data into Excel. Most of
the time the data comes over as text. However sometimes I get formulas and
formatting such as this (=_393-_394-_395-_396) Needless to say, this formula
is not helpful and I need to find a way to get rid of this formatting without
having to copy and paste values into another worksheet. Essentially the
formula should look like this =SUM(D4-E4-F4-G4)