Re: Amending standard Excel popups


Excel's standard messages cannot be altered.

For the cell selection you could use event code to color the cell that you

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Static OldCell As Range
If Application.CutCopyMode = 0 Then
If Not OldCell Is Nothing Then
OldCell.Interior.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexNone
OldCell.Borders.LineStyle = xlLineStyleNone
End If
Set OldCell = Target
OldCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
OldCell.Borders.LineStyle = xlContinuous
If OldCell Is Nothing Then
Set OldCell = Target
Set OldCell = Union(OldCell, Target)
End If
End If
End Sub

This is sheet event code. Right-click on the sheet tab and "View Code"

Copy/paste into that module.

If you want for all sheets and all workbooks, best to go with Chip Pearson's
RowLiner add-in.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

On Thu, 10 May 2007 19:17:56 +0100, Colin Hayes <Colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have a couple of small queries :

Is it possible to amend the Excel popup which you get when trying to
select a protected cell? Or put another one to run in it's place? I'd
rather have one that says 'This cell cannot be changed' and leave it at
that , than the standard one which suggest digging around trying to find
the password..

Also I was wondering if the selection box in Excel (the one which shows
which cell you are selecting) could be formatted in any way. Maybe a
lighter or thinner border , or different colour...

Any help gratefully received.