RE: Pull last word from a text string in Excel

You wouldn't need to alter the INDEX portions of the formula.

For a string in E2 that may or may not contain a space


Actually, Ron Rosenfelds formula may be easier to decipher. If there may be
no spaces in the string, just alter it to this:
",CHAR(1),LEN(E2)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E2," ",""))))+1,255),E2)

Does that help?

XL2002, WinXP

"nmp" wrote:


I'm not sure what to change on the INDEX functions to match my data. My
data starts in cell E2 and I have 1586 rows, so I want to be able to copy the
formula all the way down. I'll start the formula in F2.

There are spaces in each cell of data I want to extract the last word from.


"Ron Coderre" wrote:

Try this:

For text in A1

This formula returns the word after the last space in A1

Note: if there are no spaces the formula returns #N/A.

This formula allows for no-spaces contents

Does that help?

XL2002, WinXP

"nmp" wrote:

Is there a way to pull just the last word from a text string in Excel?

I have a sheet with a column of text descriptions that are various lengths
and the last words in each cell are various lengths. Basically I want
everything to the right of the last space.


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