Re: Embedded VLOOKUP function within IF function

If you are using a match type 0, which is the same as your vlookup in
essence it will always return the first match.

You maybe have to restate your problem giving an example and showing
what you want exactly as the solution. In your example

=IF(VLOOKUP(F252,'YB Engineer planning'!G:H,2,FALSE)="Olivetti
Decommissioning",VLOOKUP(F252,'YB Engineer planning'!A:H,3,FALSE),"")

If the first match of f252 in columnG has olivetti Decommissioning next
to it you are then saying rematch this value in f252 in columnA and
return the value in column c next to it.

If column A is different to column G you will not be returning the same

What exactly do you want to achieve?



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